Vision and Mission

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  1. Vision

"To be an Islamic, superior and competitive faculty in the field of agricultural science and Technology in eastern Indonesia region in the year 2024"

  1. The Mission of the

To achieve such a vision, agricultural faculty have the following missions:

  1. To cultivate the values of Islamic and the absurdity of all aspects of the activities of Faculty of scholarship.
  2. To conduct a science-oriented, professional and soulful education
  3. Conducting research and community service to develop agricultural science and technology.
  4. Establish cooperation with stakeholders in a sustainable and mutually beneficial manner.
  1. The purpose of

To achieve the vision and mission, the objectives of education in agriculture faculty are:

  1. The creation of Islamic culture in every activity of Civitas Akademika.
  2. To produce a superior, competitive and soulful graduates in the field of agricultural science and technology.
  3. To produce research and dedication to the community in the field of agricultural science and technology based local resources.
  4. The establishment of cooperation with stakeholders sustainably mutually beneficial to further crystoizing the absorption of graduates.
  1. Target

To achieve the aims of agriculture Faculty of Muhammadiyah Mataram University, then the objectives to be achieved are:

  1. Developing Islamic atmosphere for Civitas Akademika in faculty environment.
  2. To improve the quality of learning to produce competent and soulful graduates.
  3. Improving the quality of research and community service in the field of agricultural sciences and technology.
  4. To increase cooperation with mutually beneficial stakeholders in agricultural development.